Environmental Policy Statement

The Trustees of Edenbridge Town Village Hall Charity (‘The WI Hall’) recognise that our activities, and those of our users, can impact on the environment. We aim to protect and improve the local environment by integrating environmental considerations into our management decisions and promoting sound environmental practice.

 We will seek to:


Make the most efficient use of energy and water, by:

·         using minimum quantities of energy possible in accordance with the safe (but not excessive) operation of heating, lighting and general hall equipment. 

·         periodically reviewing energy sources.

·         servicing the boiler regularly.

·         fitting energy efficient lightbulbs where possible.

·         using water carefully.

Minimise, and where possible eliminate, all forms of pollution, by:

·         using biodegradable chemicals where practicable.

·         minimising the use of lead based paints.

·         encouraging users to avoid creating noise and light pollution.

Minimise waste, by:

·         encouraging re-use and re-cycling of resources as far as possible.  Where this is impractical, disposal will be carried out by a responsible means.

Consider the environment when undertaking building works / maintenance, by:

·         assessing the potential environmental impact of building projects.  This will include, where possible, adopting designs which result in improved energy efficiency and low maintenance.

·         asking contractors to use materials from sustainable sources, where possible and affordable.

Promote a sense of responsibility and understanding for the environment, by:

·         making our environmental policy publicly available in the Hall and on our website.

·         raising user and staff awareness.


Monitoring and Review

The policy will be monitored and reviewed regularly, normally once a year.

All those hiring the hall will be expected to confirm that they are aware of this policy.