Edenbridge Town Village Hall Charity Privacy Policy
The Trustees of Edenbridge Town Village Hall take their responsibility to care for personal data seriously. We need to collect and use certain types of data in order to carry out our activities of managing Edenbridge Village Hall (also known as the WI Hall). This personal data must be collected and handled securely.

Following the introduction of the new General Data Protect Regulation (GDPR) we have drawn up a formal Privacy Policy.

We will never hold personal data unnecessarily, nor will we sell or pass personal information to third parties.

We will not use photographs of attendees at hall events without permission.

Data held

Personal data is held which relates to our customers (or hirers), employees, committee representatives of regular hirers, donors and trustees. It is held for: maintaining booking records and invoicing and communication regarding bookings, payroll purposes, committee meetings, processing donations and regulatory purposes such as Charity Commission requirements.

Personal data comprises:
Name, Address, Title, Phone number(s), Email address, Bank details on cheques.
Name, Address, Title, Gender, Date of birth, Marital status, NI Number
Name, Address, Title, Phone number(s), Email address
Name, Address, Title, Gender, Date and place of birth, Marital status, Occupation.

Third party supplier / contractor information is held securely so that payments can be made as necessary, as well as for communication and accounting purposes.

Collection of personal data

Booking data is gathered as a result of a hirer contacting Edenbridge Town Council, who handle bookings, by telephone, email or through the ‘Contact us’ box on our website. A reason for hire will be requested.

Our lawful basis for collecting this information is contract – we need the information in order to fulfil the request to hire the hall spaces.

We may ask for a deposit cheque, which is held securely and destroyed after the hire has satisfactory concluded. No copies of any bank details are made.

Period of retention

Booking data will be held by Edenbridge Town Council for 2 years, or when the owner requests deletion, whichever is sooner.

Accounting and other regulatory data will be held for 7 years.

Data deletion

An owner can request deletion, which will be carried out immediately and securely, unless the owner has outstanding bookings or unpaid invoices.

Data Storage

Booking data is held on password protected desktop computers of Edenbridge Town Council. Any personal information held by Trustees must be password protected if electronic or securely stored if paper records.

Officers of the charity must undertake to destroy or hand over all personal data acquired on behalf of the charity when their position as an officer ends.

Entries in the Accident Book are removed once completed and held securely by the Secretary.


The Hall has a website It is the responsibility of a potential hirer whether or not to complete the ‘Contact Us’ form on this site.

We may from time to time use analytics to analyse traffic to this website in order to understand our visitors’ needs and to improve the site for them. We collect only anonymous, aggregate statistics.

Request for information
Any person wishing to find out more about how their personal data is used or to see a copy of the information held about them, should contact the Secretary.

Approved by the Trustees
30 January 2019